Definition of dive into in English:

dive into

phrasal verb

  • Occupy oneself suddenly and enthusiastically with (a meal, or an engrossing subject or activity)

    ‘I'm not quite ready to dive into that discussion’
    • ‘They dive into the meal before she's even comfortably seated at the table.’
    • ‘The resulting meals are well worth diving into for seafood lovers.’
    • ‘The mess hall wasn't far away, and finally seated, alone as usual, at his table, Ves happily dived into his meal.’
    • ‘Michelle then dived into an engrossing tale of teenage hormones going crazy.’
    • ‘I dove into this project because my telephone call to my Mother didn't go so well.’
    • ‘After she hung up my boss remarked about how oversensitive she is and said we should get our minds off it by diving into work.’
    • ‘If you like diving into the game right away, it will take you a bit of time to figure out what the icons on the side mean.’
    • ‘Next he dives into an explanation of wedging, offering a physics lesson on why skis are so darn slippery.’
    • ‘He would dive into the story with what I can only call measured abandon and make me believe.’
    • ‘I've always wanted to write a novel, so this seems like a fun way to dive into my first novel.’
    • ‘Did you have a sudden craving for salt and dive into a bag of potato chips?’
    • ‘Upon return home, I dove into research about what was in pet products and why they affected my dog.’
    • ‘Instead, I dove into the chapters as a reader entirely new both to this title and to the subject matter.’
    • ‘Every year, she dove into the water, waiting for the dolphins to make contact.’
    • ‘He tried not to sound thrown off by this and dove into his question.’
    • ‘I took a deep breath and then dove into the story, telling every single detail.’
    • ‘The boy's eyes lit up as he dove into the food, and soon the plate was clean.’
    • ‘She mumbled something I couldn't hear, and held her chin in her hand as she dove into thought.’