Definition of diverticular disease in English:

diverticular disease


  • A condition in which muscle spasm in the colon (lower intestine) in the presence of diverticula causes abdominal pain and disturbance of bowel function without inflammation.

    ‘They are also formed during operations for bowel cancer, diverticular disease and after accidental damage to the bowel wall.’
    • ‘For unknown reasons, only a small percentage of patients with diverticulosis develop symptomatic diverticular disease.’
    • ‘These people are said to have diverticulosis or uncomplicated diverticular disease.’
    • ‘What are the common symptoms and complications of diverticular disease?’
    • ‘After recovery, you will be given advice from your GP on managing your diverticular disease.’


diverticular disease

/ˌdīvərˈtikyələr dəˈzēz/ /ˌdaɪvərˈtɪkjələr dəˈziz/