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nounplural noun diverticula/ˌdīvərˈtikyələ/ /ˌdaɪvərˈtɪkjələ/

  • 1Anatomy Zoology
    A blind tube leading from a cavity or passage.

    • ‘The dorsal diverticulum becomes the body and tail, and the ventral diverticulum becomes the head.’
    1. 1.1Medicine An abnormal sac or pouch formed at a weak point in the wall of the alimentary tract.
      ‘A urethral diverticula is usually identified as a distal bulge under the urethra.’
      • ‘Saccular diverticula of the laryngeal ventricle are often reported.’
      • ‘Bacterial colonization of the airways leads to further inflammation and the formation of diverticula in the bronchial tree.’
      • ‘Rectal diverticulum to side tube usually spontaneously occurs in one week.’
      • ‘After neurulation, paired cavities called Hatschek's diverticula (possible pituitary homologue) form in the head endoderm.’



/ˌdīvərˈtikyələm/ /ˌdaɪvərˈtɪkjələm/


Early 19th century from medieval Latin, variant of Latin deverticulum ‘byway’, from devertere ‘turn down or aside’.