Definition of divertimento in English:


noundivertimenti, divertimentos

  • A light and entertaining composition, typically one in the form of a suite for chamber orchestra.

    • ‘A cassation is akin to a divertimento; Mozart composed a few early in his career, but it is a relatively unusual genre.’
    • ‘Like his contemporaries, Joseph Haydn wrote very early divertimentos for string quartet.’
    • ‘Prokofiev fashioned a suite of six pieces resembling a classical divertimento, but one laced with dissonances, evoking Stravinsky's Octet.’
    • ‘The divertimento is in five short movements, and humor, not abundant elsewhere on this disc, is in the forefront.’


Mid 18th century (denoting a diversion or amusement): Italian, literally ‘diversion’.



/dɪˌvəːtɪˈmɛntəʊ/ /dɪˌvɛːtɪˈmɛntəʊ/