Definition of divestiture in English:


(also divesture)


mass noun
  • The action or process of selling off subsidiary business interests or investments.

    ‘the divestiture of state-owned assets’
    • ‘McGann said at the conference that the options were a merger or a divestiture.’
    • ‘Rather than regard corporate units as parts of a coherent whole, investors began to demand the divestiture of poorly performing assets.’
    • ‘Having started this trend, we've gone through a lot of acquisitions and divestitures over a two-year period.’
    • ‘David says he'll continue to look for both acquisitions and divestitures as a way to drive growth.’
    • ‘In fact, he says he might take some proceeds from divestitures and make acquisitions.’
    • ‘Other divestitures have reached beyond physical assets to involve intellectual property, technology, licenses, and contracts.’
    • ‘Accordingly, corporate executives frequently explain proposed or actual divestitures and spin-offs by citing such difficulties.’
    • ‘She's helped us evaluate some divestitures and also some new lines of business.’
    • ‘I coded these cases as missing rather than as divestitures.’
    • ‘Some of the required divestitures, however, never took place.’
    • ‘And the companies that fail to find them quickly will be subject to a new round of divestitures and consolidations.’
    • ‘Analysts give him about a year and a half to show results before further divestitures or even a breakup becomes inevitable.’
    • ‘An interesting case in point was the forced divestiture of Clorox by Procter and Gamble.’
    • ‘This divestiture created an affiliated-unaffiliated oligopoly market structure for recorded music.’
    • ‘By contrast, the absence of such synergies should prompt divestiture.’
    • ‘The strategy, said Johnson, includes few, if any, divestitures and a hiring freeze that will continue until key acquisitions are completed.’
    • ‘Discussions on other asset divestitures and business rationalisations are ongoing.’
    • ‘Compaine notes that Bagdikian obsesses over big media acquisitions but ignores divestures.’
    • ‘Seagram was just going through a series of acquisitions and divestitures when I was brought in.’
    • ‘I am pleased that we have been able to conclude his recruitment and address his concerns regarding the interim rules on stock divestitures.’


Early 17th century from medieval Latin divestit- ‘divested’ (from the verb divestire) + -ure.



/dʌɪˈvɛstɪtʃə/ /dɪˈvɛstɪtʃə/