Definition of divey in English:


adjectivedivier, diviest

  • (of a bar or similar establishment) shabby or sleazy.

    ‘the bar is kind of divey and but the service was good’
    ‘it's a divey joint with a few stools along a small counter’
    • ‘I came here to impress a VP of my company as she wanted somewhere chill, but not divey and close to our job.’
    • ‘Seattle's karaoke scene runs the gamut from modern and glitzy to gloriously divey.’
    • ‘This place is good if you want something divey.’
    • ‘The downstairs is small and has a divey alternative feel to it.’
    • ‘It's a divey location, but the recipe and ingredients are top.’
    • ‘There are always going to be people who like to spend their time in divey pool halls, while others prefer going to high-end clubs.’
    • ‘I love living close to this place, it is not too divey, it's just perfect.’
    • ‘MacDonald says it's also a pain that there aren't many good bars in the neighbourhood, "most of them are a bit divey".’
    • ‘It is a cheap place and fairly divey, but fun.’
    • ‘I hang out in divey pubs, listen to indie music, and I shop at thrift stores.’
    • ‘I bartend in a divey, good-time bar in the heart of Hollywood, serving guys who drink Kentucky bourbon and have tattoos on their necks.’


1950s from dive (sense 3 of the noun).