Definition of divi-divi in English:


nounplural noun divi-divis

  • 1A tropical American tree of the pea family, bearing curled pods.

    Caesalpinia coriaria, family Leguminosae

    ‘There is an indigenous tree, the divi-divi, which has a slightly peculiar response to the wind.’
    • ‘We were pondering just that question in September 1998 while relaxing beneath the windblown divi-divi trees in Aruba.’
    • ‘Thanks to constant trade winds, the divi-divis serve as a natural compass: they're bent toward the island's leeward - or western - side, where most of the hotels are.’
    • ‘Rumor has it that divi-divis can grow straight and true in tended hotel courtyards for the visitors who arrive daily.’
    1. 1.1The pods of the divi-divi tree, used as a source of tannin.
      ‘Divi-divi pods are used in the tanning industry as a substitute for sumac and oak gall apples.’
      • ‘'Divi-divi' pods appear to have been used by the inhabitants of. Central American countries from very early times for local tanning and for dyeing.’



/ˌdivē ˈdivē/ /ˌdɪvi ˈdɪvi/


Mid 19th century via American Spanish from Carib.