Definition of dividend coverage in English:

dividend coverage


  • The ratio of a company's dividends to its net income.

    • ‘The cash dividend coverage ratio reflects the company's ability to meet dividends from operating cash flow.’
    • ‘The dividend coverage ratio, on the other hand, measures the company's ability to pay its stated dividend.’
    • ‘Senior officers may speak to the dividend policy and dividend coverage and earnings payout ratios.’
    • ‘The preferred dividend coverage ratio expresses the ability of the firm to meet its preferred stock dividend requirement.’
    • ‘A good ratio to look at is the dividend coverage ratio.’
    • ‘Common equity ratio, pre-tax coverage, fixed-charge coverage, and cash-flow dividend coverage were taken from Electric Utility Quality Measures.’
    • ‘The company offers extensive worldwide pricing and dividend coverage for 11 countries, including 10,000 UK trusts.’