Definition of dividing range in English:

dividing range


Australian, New Zealand
  • A stretch of high country that separates adjacent river systems.

    ‘the area is bounded on the north by the rocky dividing range’
    • ‘These are really dry caves as they are located west of the dividing range.’
    • ‘The wheat belt developed there only after the railways reached across the dividing range.’
    • ‘And the eastern dividing range also started to go up about this time very rapidly, giving another rain shadow.’
    • ‘One of Australia's largest watersheds, it flows westwards from the dividing range.’
    • ‘Three years later, snow extended from coastal western Victoria north along the dividing range to Stanthorpe.’
    • ‘By the middle of the 19th century, settlement had spread into the interior across the dividing range.’
    • ‘We were on a glide into the scenic great dividing ranges that run north-south up the east coast of Australia.’
    • ‘The most extreme El Niño and La Niña impacts have traditionally fallen west of the dividing range.’
    • ‘The resulting physical aspect is that of vast plains which form the principal feature of Queensland scenery west of the main dividing range.’
    • ‘This site overlooked the whole valley and up the dividing range where villages sat.’