Definition of divinely in English:



  • 1By the power of God or a god.

    ‘he regards the Bible as divinely inspired’
    ‘the idea of a divinely created universe’
    • ‘The basis of the religion is the belief that at various times God has been divinely incarnated in a living person.’
    • ‘Classical architecture was a metaphorical imitation of this divinely ordered nature.’
    • ‘He preferred to see the created universe as tidy and divinely disciplined rather than replete with uncertainties, speculations and evolutionary doubts.’
    • ‘The Gospel of Saint John recognizes the Baptist as the one divinely chosen to "give testimony of the light."’
    • ‘He claims that Durer consciously asserted the unique status of the artist as a divinely gifted creator.’
    • ‘Charlemagne saw himself as a divinely appointed ruler of a chosen people whose liturgical customs must approach the ideal, represented by papal usage.’
    • ‘Her Agamemnon is both divinely doomed and a moral hypocrite who combines protestations of paternal love with dalliance with a Greek war-widow.’
    • ‘Divinely summoned to a life of devotion in 1934, she later set up the Everlasting Gospel Mission.’
    • ‘All was subsumed under a Protestantism that viewed the English church as a divinely blessed via media between the excesses of Rome and Geneva.’
    • ‘Your every step will be divinely guided.’
  • 2informal In a very pleasing or delightful way.

    ‘you dance divinely’
    as submodifier ‘a divinely beautiful young woman’
    • ‘He has a good sense of humor, a sense of fairness and he kisses divinely.’
    • ‘Evenings were spent sauntering around the harbor, wining and dining divinely.’
    • ‘This was the mushroom that smelled divinely like liquorice.’
    • ‘Alan and Elaine seemed like visitors from another planet but they looked totally relaxed and sang divinely.’
    • ‘If we ever needed an excuse to dress divinely this is it.’
    • ‘Even today, as one walks through the heart of Paris, it is not unusual to sense the spirit of a man who made women feel divinely feminine.’
    • ‘The sun is shining divinely and there are still many green leaves.’
    • ‘Divinely decadent music which works wonders on your imagination.’
    • ‘The movie is divinely set, costumed, and scored, and magnificently edited.’
    • ‘And Nighy, divinely, decadently, scene-stealingly over the top brings it all together with a turn that is perfectly timed.’