Definition of diving beetle in English:

diving beetle


  • A predatory water beetle which has fringed back legs for swimming and which stores air under its wing cases while diving.

    Family Dytiscidae: numerous genera and species, including the great diving beetle (Dytiscus marginalis)

    • ‘A pond is a little world in itself, he says, home to a dizzying array of creatures from frogs and newts to water boatmen, diving beetles, dragonflies and damselflies.’
    • ‘Predatory insects, such as dragonfly nymphs and diving beetles, may help mitigate bullfrog populations.’
    • ‘There are some 500 different kinds of predaceous diving beetles in North America, and the largest grow to an inch and a half.’
    • ‘Predaceous diving beetles can't eat us - but we can eat them.’
    • ‘So it's an extraordinary diversity and the diving beetles are just one component.’