Definition of diving duck in English:

diving duck


  • A duck of a type which dives under water for food, such as the pochard, scaup, tufted duck, and goldeneye.

    Compare with dabbling duck

    Tribes Aythyini and Mergini, family Anatidae: several genera, in particular Aythya and Bucephala

    ‘Common Goldeneyes are diving ducks and forage mostly under water.’
    • ‘Barrow's Goldeneyes are diving ducks, and whole groups of goldeneyes will dive at the same time.’
    • ‘They pick food from the surface of shallow wetlands, graze in open fields, and steal food from coots and diving ducks.’
    • ‘More generalized than other diving ducks, the Ring-necked Duck eats mostly seeds, roots, and tubers.’
    • ‘The Lesser Scaup is one of the most abundant diving ducks in the Northwest.’
    • ‘The diving duck family ranges in size from the petite (Ruddy Duck and Bufflehead) to the meaty (Canvasback.)’
    • ‘They are exceptional divers and, unlike other diving ducks, can take off from the water without running along the surface.’
    • ‘It is the diving ducks, though, that I really enjoy and which brighten the winter scene for many.’
    • ‘Varying water levels are especially important to birds such as grebes, coots, and diving ducks that build floating nests in emergent vegetation.’
    • ‘Washington's smallest diving duck, the Bufflehead, is easily distinguished from other ducks.’
    • ‘His aerial surveys documented the tremendous decline in waterfowl use and the redistribution of diving ducks to the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘It seems incongruous that Garibaldi produced species of diving ducks, since these do not commonly frequent the Sacramento Valley.’
    • ‘The total number of these diving ducks breeding in Britain is only some 800, but two couples among them have chosen Barnes.’
    • ‘Redheads usually gather in small flocks, often mixed with other diving duck species.’
    • ‘You may also see the Scaup Duck, or Black Teal, New Zealand's only true diving duck.’
    • ‘Bank anglers should watch for small groups of diving duck working together over the weedbeds.’


diving duck

/dīviNG dək/ /daɪvɪŋ dək/