Definition of divisional van in English:

divisional van


  • A vehicle in which police officers transport people they have arrested.

    ‘he is escorted to a waiting divisional van’
    • ‘Assume the divisional van is just passing the club, and the police arrive within a minute of call.’
    • ‘There would have been far more police than the three local divisional vans.’
    • ‘There were three ambulances, four divisional vans, and then the local morgue van in the driveway loading a stretcher and body bag this morning.’
    • ‘Is use of a baton justified if somebody is physically resisting arrest or perhaps trying to escape being physically taken by the police to a divisional van?’
    • ‘Local divisional van crew members were patrolling the park when their jaws dropped at the sight of a very bright lit-up UFO hovering over the river.’
    • ‘Police say a divisional van was pursuing a car when the car collided with another vehicle.’
    • ‘The senior constable turned up in a divisional van with a colleague.’
    • ‘There are some areas where men and woman in the divisional van can't solve the problem, and family violence is one of them.’
    • ‘The police divisional van involved in the incident suffered moderate damage and is being repaired today.’
    • ‘The officers of the sole divisional van in attendance watched on casually, as the union-led crowd made their protest voices heard.’