Definition of divisionalize in English:


transitive verb

(also British divisionalise)
[with object]
  • Subdivide (a company or other organization) into a number of separate divisions.

    ‘we have divisionalized our business’
    • ‘a large divisionalized Western corporation’
    • ‘Taking a step back for a moment, a vertically integrated business sees itself quite differently to a functional or divisionalized organization.’
    • ‘In particular, he suggested that firms would be more efficient if they divisionalized themselves, with separate parts of the organization serving different market segments.’
    • ‘We shouldn't be so divisionalized, that's not how we are as Inuit people.’
    • ‘It's abundantly clear that divisionalising love and marriage into separate departments has been a catastrophic failure.’



/dəˈviZHənəlīz/ /dəˈvɪʒənəlaɪz/