Definition of divisiveness in English:



mass noun
  • A tendency to cause disagreement or hostility between people.

    ‘transparency will enhance development rather than social divisiveness’
    • ‘Cliques often have the negative effect of creating divisiveness among a staff.’
    • ‘You profess a movement that is inclusive in order to overcome divisiveness.’
    • ‘The key is to promote community cohesion and to counteract divisiveness.’
    • ‘From the beginning, we've had to fight against all national divisiveness.’
    • ‘There's too much divisiveness in the world these days.’
    • ‘Two hurricanes, rising gas prices and political divisiveness have torn our country apart.’
    • ‘We see the politics of divisiveness being stirred up in our society.’
    • ‘During my 20-year political career, I have never experienced such a great extent of divisiveness in our society.’
    • ‘They are genuinely concerned about the effects of religious divisiveness in the modern world.’
    • ‘He describes the abolition of racial divisiveness as a logical progressive step.’