Definition of Dixiecrat in English:



  • Any of the Southern Democrats who seceded from the party in 1948 in opposition to its policy of extending civil rights.

    • ‘In 1948, disgruntled southern Democrats, nicknamed Dixiecrats, launched the States' Rights party.’
    • ‘This was a period in which the segregationist Southern Dixiecrats played a leading role in the Democratic Party as well as the Roosevelt administration.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the old power base of the Dixiecrats in Congress has been transformed into the country's most solid bedrock of Republican power.’
    • ‘He was a traditional segregationist, though the one-time Dixiecrat had reconciled with the national Democratic Party by the time he became Armed Services chairman.’
    • ‘A less fantasy-based analysis might have focused more on the memory of Dixiecrats filibustering civil rights legislation.’