Definition of dizygotic in English:



(also dizygous)
  • (of twins) derived from two separate ova, and so not identical.

    ‘Twin studies have shown that the incidence of asthma is significantly higher in monozygotic twins than dizygotic twins 27-29.’
    • ‘The concordance rate of obsessive-compulsive disorder is also higher for monozygotic twins than it is for dizygotic twins which suggest that there is a genetic component to this disease.’
    • ‘However, these studies may have overestimated the effect of genetics if monozygotic twins share exposure to more environmental effects than dizygotic twins do.’
    • ‘The chance of getting dizygotic twins increases with the age and the number of births that the mother has given, so it's not so strange that when you've got 6 kids along comes another pair of twins.’
    • ‘Like dizygotic twins, ordinary siblings also share approximately half of their genes; genetically, dizygotic twins are ordinary siblings.’



/ˌdīzīˈɡädik/ /ˌdaɪzaɪˈɡɑdɪk/