Definition of do (one's) bird in English:

do (one's) bird


  • Serve a prison sentence.

    • ‘As a couple of the drunks walked past me I heard one say to the other ‘… I don't think that's a good idea to do that, you don't want to be doing bird again…"’
    • ‘He was explaining in detail about some armed robbery he'd been involved in, how they'd shot through the kitchen window and how he was sure he was doing bird this time.’
    • ‘A warrant for his arrest has now been issued and he may end up doing bird rather than feeding them!’
    • ‘Police surgeon Alec ‘the Knife’ Mitchell also did bird with current and former Essex High Sheriffs Mark ‘the Reaper’ Thomasin-Forster and Andrew ‘the Sabre’ Streeter.’
    incarcerated, in prison, in jail, jailed, locked up, in custody, under lock and key, interned, confined, detained, held prisoner, captive, held captive, in chains, in irons, clapped in irons