Definition of do (or try) one's best in English:

do (or try) one's best


  • Do all one can.

    ‘Ruth did her best to reassure her’
    • ‘I have always been a great believer in trying your best to get into good positions in sport.’
    • ‘You're trying your best to create, in front of the camera, some approximation of the real world.’
    • ‘You also drive under pressure all day trying your best to keep your bus on time.’
    • ‘All the previous presidents insisted upon trying their best to bring about some sort of accommodation between Israel and its nation neighbors.’
    • ‘People have faced up to the issues and are trying their best to bring communities together.’
    • ‘People are trying their best to make the town look attractive but rubbish really spoils it.’
    • ‘Alex was watching, so the United players were all trying their best and we got hammered.’
    • ‘And it makes for a really good story - a composite portrait of four bizarre characters tangled up together by circumstances and trying their best to get through them in one piece.’
    • ‘Mrs Jones said: ‘The police have been fantastic and I know they are trying their best.’’
    • ‘We know we are in for a fight so everyone's pulling together and trying their best.’
    • ‘But now I realize everybody's trying their best.’
    • ‘The thinking goes, ‘My parents are trying their best, so I shouldn't complain.’’
    • ‘‘I'm reasonably happy with the performance because the 15 were trying their best and you can't ask any more of them,’ he said.’
    • ‘They are taking steps to live in harmony with Nature, using no more than they really need, trying their best not to infringe on the rights of others in their quest for survival.’
    • ‘You are there on the stage and everyone is looking closely at you, trying their best to find out how you are doing the trick.’
    • ‘‘We submit the prosecution witnesses were essentially trying their best to tell you the truth of what they recall happened that night,’ he said.’
    • ‘The man in the grey jacket slinks out of the bar and into a dark alley but the students are busy studying cakes in shop windows, rifling through papers at a news kiosk and trying their best to look natural.’
    • ‘In general, behind every happy and successful child, there is a hard-working, conscientious adult trying their best to pull off the difficult trick of parenthood.’
    • ‘Although her parents have been trying their best to get her to settle down and get married, she has managed to avoid it so far, claiming that she enjoys being single and independent.’
    • ‘They are trying their best to control the judicial nominating process.’
    do one's utmost, try one's hardest, try as hard as one can, make every effort, spare no effort, do all one can, give one's all, be at pains