Definition of do a roaring trade (or business) in English:

do a roaring trade (or business)


  • Do very good business.

    ‘the cafes on the boulevard were doing a roaring trade’
    ‘the food sellers were doing a roaring trade in spiced sausages’
    • ‘All the businesses in Crosshaven are doing a roaring trade.’
    • ‘All the usual entertainments - roundabouts and other such things - were there to entice children, and they seemed to be doing a roaring trade.’
    • ‘The army of car washers do a roaring trade in cleaning the interiors too, with many people are happy to leave their car unlocked for them while they go shopping.’
    • ‘Shops do a roaring trade in Union Jack and St George banners.’
    • ‘Placed half a mile East, or situated on Church Road it would doubtless do a roaring trade.’
    • ‘Thrill-seekers needed to look no further than the rear of the Memorial Hall, where bouncy castles, slides, a bucking bronco and all manner of rides did a roaring trade.’
    • ‘Hugely popular black-and-white anti-racism buddy bands - provided by the town council - were on sale and did a roaring trade.’
    • ‘Central streets were packed, shops did a roaring trade, visitors queued to get into attractions and there were not enough rooms to go round for people hoping to stay the night.’
    • ‘Pubs throughout the district did a roaring trade, and the marquee at Cartmel Races ran out of beer, half way through Monday's meeting.’
    • ‘Riverside pubs were drunk dry and special market stalls on Quay Meadow did a roaring trade as Sunday's bad weather failed to put the mariners off.’