Definition of do drugs in English:

do drugs


  • Take illegal drugs.

    • ‘people who don't drink or smoke or do drugs’
    • ‘Those convicted will have to demonstrate their commitment not to do drugs, but no drug testing will be involved.’
    • ‘I love my mum and my family and I don't think I really did when I was doing drugs.’
    • ‘At the start I was just doing drugs at the weekend, but then I moved on to smoking cannabis at school.’
    • ‘Until treatment, Tammy thought she was a good mom because her children were always with her and she would not do drugs in front of them.’
    • ‘I would not say kids are not aware of the dangers of drug abuse, but they disregard what they know and do drugs anyway.’
    • ‘A decade into the war on drugs, it is clear that people are still doing drugs on a grand scale.’
    • ‘You're out all the time doing drugs, drinking, smoking and rapping!’
    • ‘She can do what she wants now - so long as it isn't pre-marital sex, doing drugs or smoking.’
    • ‘Kris told me she realized smoking and doing drugs is stupid and harmful, but it made her look cool.’
    • ‘She's about to turn twenty-one, and doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs.’