Definition of do fine in English:

do fine


  • 1Be entirely satisfactory.

    ‘an omelet will do fine’
    • ‘Francis says as long as the company's drugs continue to meet the needs of baby boomers, the company will do fine.’
    1. 1.1Be healthy or well.
      ‘the baby's doing fine’
      • ‘Luckily, Michael, a trained first-aider knew exactly what to do, and baby Alfie is now doing fine.’
      • ‘She needed three attempts at it but was successful and the baby did fine.’
      • ‘She said Jake, originally due on August 20th and weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs 11 oz, was doing fine, despite his dramatic entrance into the world.’
      • ‘Adult animals are healthy enough, and young animals do fine while they're nursing, but juvenile sea lions between ages one and four are not surviving.’
      • ‘Now, in terms of his overall health, the press aide said he's doing fine.’
      • ‘Mother and baby arrived home earlier this week and are doing fine.’
      • ‘After inquiries about his own health, Dr Anthony said he was doing fine.’
      • ‘My family is doing fine and my niece is about to have her baby.’
      • ‘Aside from that, the baby is said to be doing fine and is the spitting image of mom.’
      • ‘A baby who seems to be doing fine one minute, can be dead from sepsis within a few hours.’
    2. 1.2Do something in a satisfactory manner.
      ‘he was doing fine acquiring all the necessary disciplines in finance’
      • ‘Some of the team did fine without gloves and acquired a few blisters and scrapes during the event.’
      • ‘He will do fine, and the department will do fine.’
      • ‘The economy is doing fine and, if left alone, will continue to do fine.’
      • ‘You go through the motions of school, doing fine in one class but completely floundering in another, believing the whole time that you just don't get it.’
      • ‘People think that because the the group is doing so well militarily, we are doing fine on the ground and getting food to people.’
      • ‘I thought we were doing fine the way we were and with the small number of members in our group, we can more thoroughly critique each others work.’
      • ‘At a news conference today, President Bush said Donald Rumsfeld cares deeply about the troops and is doing fine work.’
      • ‘Most of our affluent youngsters are doing fine in school, as international test comparisons reveal.’
      • ‘As long as he shores up his base and reacts when his opponent messes up, he's doing fine.’
      • ‘We are - all of our hospitals are operating on emergency backup and they're doing fine.’