Definition of do for in English:

do for

phrasal verb

  • Defeat, ruin, or kill.

    ‘without that contract we're done for’
    ‘it was the cold that did for him in the end’
    • ‘That defeat all but did for their already slim chances of progressing.’
    • ‘‘Don't worry, they're done for,’ Sean said, his heartbeat starting to slow to normal pace.’
    • ‘The foolish state of excitement into which I allowed myself to get the other day completely did for me, and I have hardly done anything since.’
    • ‘"Well," Ren said, shifting her weight to the other foot, "when he realized that the ship was done for, he appeared absolutely ecstatic."’
    • ‘Now the blooms are limp, and soaked through, and I fear they are done for.’
    ruin, destroy, reduce to nothing, spoil, mar, injure, blight, shatter, scotch, mess up
    kill, cause the death of, end the life of, take the life of, finish off