Definition of do or die in English:

do or die


  • 1Persist, even if death is the result.

    ‘a grim determination to do or die’
    • ‘They are Indian companies with not so much of a global market or mindshare, but with a determination to do or die.’
    • ‘He seemed determined to do or die on the last day of combat.’
    • ‘This was how to live, on the edge, ready to do or die, with no safety rope to haul you back in.’
    • ‘Some of these players are not prepared to do or die for York and I need to draft players in who are.’
    • ‘When he set off to make the 7000-mile trip alone, Mr Halsey swore he would ‘do or die’.’
    1. 1.1Used to describe a critical situation where one's actions may result in victory or defeat.
      ‘the 72nd hole was do or die’
      • ‘‘At this point it's basically a do or die situation as we are right on the edge of making play-offs,’ explained Paul.’
      • ‘Yes, it was important, but not a do or die situation, as is portrayed by the president's political rivals.’
      • ‘Every game is a must-win situation, creating a do or die atmosphere with each contest.’
      • ‘This election was do or die for them.’
      • ‘‘Everything for us is do or die,’ she explained.’
      • ‘It was literally do or die for the print media and something had to give.’
      • ‘For the England fans before the match the game against the Germans was do or die.’
      • ‘‘It's pretty much do or die, and your competitiveness comes out,’ he said.’
      • ‘You know this is do or die - if you lose, you're done.’
      • ‘His incredible death or glory hundred, in a do or die qualification battle for India at the Sinhalese Sports Club Stadium left the Kiwis rubbing their eyes in sheer disbelief.’