Definition of do out in English:

do out

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phrasal verb

informal British
  • do something out, do out somethingDecorate or furnish a room or building in a particular style, color, or material.

    • ‘the basement is done out in limed oak’
    • ‘It's a steep climb, but worth it: the rooms are done out in an original Indo-Ligurian style and, best of all, both houses share a well-kept terrace garden, sandwiched between the castle and the crashing waves below.’
    • ‘The whole place is done out in an Egyptian style.’
    • ‘She was told it was a girl, bought all pink, did the room out in pink and had a boy.’
    • ‘It's done out in dark wood and the lighting was subdued, with no candles to add a little sparkle.’
    decorate, furnish, adorn, ornament, embellish