Definition of do right by in English:

do right by


  • Treat (someone) fairly.

    ‘I want to do right by the child’
    • ‘The general tone is set in this article about how ‘the absence of firm rules and responsible incentives’ has discouraged scientists and engineers from doing right by us all.’
    • ‘I have always believed in doing right by myself and not doing wrong to others.’
    • ‘But the one thing I do know is that I would have not been doing right by my kids at the time that they really needed me, and that would be something I would have had a hard time living with.’
    • ‘I often wonder whether I'm doing right by my children, whether their independence is at risk because I'm wrapping them in cotton wool.’
    • ‘‘We want to do right by the teachers, but there are things we need to hear from them,’ he said.’
    • ‘He added: ‘The Duke of Marlborough said that the best way to mark a great victory was to do right by the soldiers who fought so bravely with him.’’
    • ‘Rosetta clearly believes that pulling herself up involves grinding somebody else down, but her fear of perpetual poverty is a stronger motivator than any moral imperative to do right by her fellow human beings.’
    • ‘No doubt among the Ukrainian community he was regarded as one of their own and would be trusted to do right by them.’
    • ‘This is our only intention, we want to do right by the residents of Richmond upon Thames.’
    • ‘But my heart is in this, and I want to do right by you.’