Definition of do someone's bidding in English:

do someone's bidding


  • Do what someone orders or requests, typically in a way considered overly slavish.

    • ‘Your minions need constant care and attention in order to do your bidding.’
    • ‘So to ensure no mortal would know of their existence they ordered him to do their bidding.’
    • ‘He also possesses the ability to communicate with insects and order them to do his bidding.’
    • ‘They can give orders and people rushed to do their bidding.’
    • ‘Stalin trained his secret police to do his bidding whenever he issued an order.’
    • ‘And now they have one more foot soldier doing their bidding from the bench.’
    • ‘They're doing their bidding in a way, and unfortunately they're being very successful.’
    • ‘Either way, we nod politely and do their bidding as we once did for czars and sultans.’
    • ‘Our credibility is not about getting the Senate to do our bidding.’
    • ‘His team grumbled and did his bidding for a few days.’