Definition of do someone's head (or nut) in in English:

do someone's head (or nut) in


  • Make someone extremely angry, worried, or agitated.

    • ‘He has done my head in rather effectively, though, so there wasn't far to go.’
    • ‘Writing three articles in three successive days has clearly done her head in.’
    • ‘It's the constant scrutinising from Management that does one's head in.’
    • ‘This really did my head in, so for a few minutes I stood there trying to work it out.’
    • ‘The downside of Real Madrid for Keane is that the mad politics of the place might well have done his head in, while the move would obviously have involved more upheaval on the personal and family front than a run up the road to Glasgow.’
    • ‘I could make lots of excuses, but essentially it's done my head in.’
    • ‘Trust me, when you're knackered this sort of thing does your head in.’
    • ‘The thing is, if you try to help at all, it just does your head in.’
    • ‘‘All that research really does my head in,’ he confesses.’
    • ‘You can do well in the reserves and be scoring regularly, but when after training hard all week there's nothing at the end of it, then it does your head in.’