Definition of do someone a good (or bad) turn in English:

do someone a good (or bad) turn


  • Do something that is helpful (or unhelpful) for someone.

    ‘he was a friend of mine, and had done me some good turns over the previous few months’
    • ‘People are looking for the Cardinal to do them a good turn.’
    • ‘A journalist who, because she was from his own native county of Longford, decided to do her a good turn, found himself in court because Ms Johnson did not like the way her comments were treated in the Star.’
    • ‘It's not just the money because they also did us a good turn as players.’
    • ‘I hope that thinking about this sort of stuff does you a good turn.’
    • ‘He does her a good turn and thinks he can then be done with it.’
    • ‘We were trying to do Steve a good turn.’
    • ‘Thought I'd do him a good turn and keep his business going for him.’
    • ‘He was a man who did us a good turn, and who's facing death because of it.’
    • ‘They did her a good turn.’
    • ‘Maybe they could do me a good turn one day.’
    service, deed, act, action