Definition of do someone an injustice in English:

do someone an injustice


  • Judge a person unfairly.

    ‘I see I had been doing you an injustice’
    • ‘Perhaps I'm doing him an injustice in assuming that he was preening.’
    • ‘He does me an injustice as I have no problems with the airport as such.’
    • ‘I have been disturbed by the superior and patronising tone adopted by some of your correspondents to the involvement of young people in the anti-war movement - they do them an injustice.’
    • ‘Pearson tells us he was handsome, so maybe the photographs reproduced here do him an injustice.’
    • ‘While he was in no way bound to Rebecca, he felt as though he was doing her an injustice by spending the evening with another girl.’
    get the wrong idea about, get wrong, get the wrong end of the stick about, judge incorrectly, jump to the wrong conclusion about, estimate wrongly