Definition of do someone dirt (also do dirt to) in English:

do someone dirt (also do dirt to)


  • Harm someone's reputation maliciously.

    • ‘As a rule of thumb, it is safe to assume that your subordinates, peers and superiors do not lie awake at night thinking up ways to do you dirt.’
    • ‘It is nothing more than the two men who did you dirt.’
    • ‘You never know if the guy you slam today will be in a position to do you dirt tomorrow.’
    • ‘She wanted to do her dirt and not get punished.’
    • ‘In a recent picture the leading lady tried to do me dirt exactly in this manner.’
    • ‘The desire is all too common to get even with those who do us dirt, those who get ahead of us and those who hate us.’
    • ‘Indeed, I am often madder at the critics who are trying to be kind than to those obviously out to do me dirt.’
    • ‘The developer did us dirt, but we are just fine now.’
    • ‘Even as hard as Omar pushed us all, we knew he would never do us dirt; the result was tremendous overwhelming loyalty.’
    • ‘Even as specific tests for various hereditary disease are developed, there is little chance anyone could access the results to do you dirt.’