Definition of do someone over in English:

do someone over

phrasal verb

  • Beat someone up.

    ‘let's do them over and dump them somewhere’
    • ‘With some people, if they get cross they make a threat and say they'll punch you or do you over if you do it again.’
    • ‘‘She looked like she had been done over by Mike Tyson,’ added Caroline.’
    • ‘I've realised with a certain sort of delight that I'm now so old that nobody can earn any sort of reputation from doing me over.’
    • ‘Half the time you can't go into the playground because someone will do you over, and if they don't get you in school they get you on the way home.’
    • ‘‘We could do you over,’ a shy-looking boy with dark hair added loudly before retreating back into the hood on his jacket.’
    • ‘He suddenly pulled out a gun and confronted Mr Thompson over some men being ‘sent to do him over.’’
    • ‘Also, I am quite a nice person who would not do you over should you reveal some home truths.’
    beat up, assault, attack, mug, batter, thrash, pummel, pound
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