Definition of do someone to death in English:

do someone to death


  • Kill someone.

    ‘he had been done to death by his two attackers’
    • ‘But because he was different he was done to death.’
    • ‘But the death of the prince of Wales at Tewkesbury in 1471 sealed his own fate, and a few days later he was done to death.’
    • ‘We are standing here only a couple of hundred yards from Magennis's bar where Mr McCartney was done to death a few weeks ago.’
    • ‘The police are now trying to find out when and how she was done to death.’
    • ‘During the war they were used as slave labour till they dropped, and then were done to death.’
    execute, hang, send to the gallows, send to the gibbet, behead, guillotine, decapitate, electrocute, send to the electric chair, send to the chair, shoot, put before a firing squad, send to the gas chamber, gas, crucify, stone, stone to death