Definition of do something over in English:

do something over

phrasal verb

  • 1British Ransack a place, especially while searching for something worth stealing.

    ‘Jacqui's flat had been done over—the evidence was all too clear’
    • ‘When he arrived back from Geneva last Saturday he found his house had been done over.’
    • ‘Vandals have also done over his shop.’
    • ‘My house still looks as if it's been done over by a gang of particularly thorough burglars.’
  • 2Decorate or furnish a room or building.

    ‘a two-room flat done over by a local designer’
    • ‘It was bought about a year ago by an outfit called Country Club Luxury Hotels and has been completely done over.’
    • ‘She did the house over -- completely, with the exception of the room he'd used for a study.’
    • ‘I feel like those people on TV getting their houses done over by expensive designers.’
    • ‘He just sticks his head in the door and loudly proclaims ‘I did my kitchen over today as well and it's much better than this.’’
  • 3North American Repeat something.

    ‘to absorb the lesson, I had to do it over and over’
    • ‘Even simple choices can have huge consequences, and we never get to do things over!’
    • ‘They saw the dailies, and they came back a couple weeks later, and they said, ‘We'd like to do that scene over, and we'd like you to be more passionate.’’
    • ‘Though Mary Jane made the artist do the face over, the expression did not improve.’
    • ‘Why do something over and over if the result never changes?’
    • ‘Brown says he's proud of his three-story, three-bedroom home; but if he had to do it over, he'd have budgeted better and saved more money before jumping into buying the house.’
    • ‘If you could do it over, what would be your debut album?’
    • ‘The best compromise was always just to do it over.’
    • ‘If you could do it over again right now, what would you have fixed?’
    • ‘He pried the board free and then, glowering, he did the job over.’
    • ‘If it doesn't come loose the first time you may have to do it over a few times until you can easily unscrew the old chuck.’