Definition of do something up brown in English:

do something up brown


  • Do something thoroughly or completely.

    ‘a real picnic, done up brown according to all the rules’
    • ‘It is one of those things that you can't say: ‘yeah, we did it up brown,’ every time, see.’
    • ‘Several weeks ago Earl turned his Ann loose on furnishing their apartment - told her to do it up brown and hang the cost because they didn't know when they would be able to pay for it anyway.’
    • ‘And it's no surprise when the Buckley fans decided to do something that they did it up brown.’
    • ‘Last week Le Soir of Paris happened to feel like giving the story a whirl and did it up brown with six pictures each of King Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson.’
    • ‘The leftists do it up brown because that's their métier, their profession, and they know how to make use of the TV cameras.’
    • ‘Those wanting to really do it up brown could have a closed-out, bargain-basement 100% RCA system for only $880-a real slap in the face for anyone who paid the full price of $1350.’
    • ‘So I accepted Bob's advice, and he came along with me to see that I did it up brown.’
    • ‘Well, now, Dewey thought he was going to do it up brown.’
    • ‘As any Brother in the Bonds worth his salt can tell you, '94 was the 50th birthday of our fraternity, and the Dekes did it up brown.’
    • ‘Choreographer Michael E. Gold shows his creative style of playing up the strengths of each of his dancers and in an anything goes fashion, he did it up brown.’