Definition of do the — thing in English:

do the — thing


informalNorth American
  • Engage in the kind of behaviour typically associated with someone or something.

    ‘a film in which he does the bad-guy thing’
    • ‘While we're doing the media thing, might as well be time for a roundup.’
    • ‘He got the crowd doing the waving arms thing.’
    • ‘I don't do the tests thing very often these days.’
    • ‘He noticed she was a carrying a book or two and decided to do the gentlemen thing.’
    • ‘I resisted the temptation to do the charades thing that indicates it's a book.’
    • ‘I don't do the whole meeting-the-parents thing.’
    • ‘Can we do the whole presentations thing tomorrow?’
    • ‘We watched a game, had a few beers, did the lads thing, and generally I had a ball.’
    • ‘He is just doing the no drinking thing to keep me happy.’
    • ‘Oh I'm definitely gonna do the sneakers thing, we're all doing it.’