Definition of do the dirty on someone in English:

do the dirty on someone


  • Cheat or betray someone.

    • ‘Also profiled is California's arch-conservative talk radio host Melanie Morgan, and Soweto's Cheaters, which hires private detectives to find out if its listeners' partners are doing the dirty on them.’
    • ‘Then there's drug-loving drummer Lucy and mood guitarist Joe whose girlfriend Kate has no idea he's doing the dirty on her
    • ‘Forget ‘for richer, for poorer’ and just remember the profit warnings seen in recent years - companies show little remorse when they do the dirty on you.’
    • ‘Strand, which he promised dutifully not to visit, not after his last visit there ended in those distressing Bankrupts Anonymous meetings, did the dirty on him.’
    • ‘Now he regrets doing the dirty on Duff, however, and is desperate to get back with her.’
    • ‘‘Well,’ he began, sliding his arm around her waist, ‘Mike-that's my brother by the way - found out that Sophie - his ex-fiancée - was doing the dirty on him with the best man.’
    • ‘In movies we get to vicariously fight back against the things or people that do the dirty on us.’
    betray, cheat, double-cross, defraud, trick, hoodwink, mislead, deceive, swindle, break one's promise to, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, break faith with, play false, fail, let down