Definition of do the math in English:

do the math


  • often in imperative Make a calculation or come to a conclusion based on the relevant facts and figures, typically with the implication that the result is or should be obvious.

    ‘diesel prices in my area are approximately 7% more than regular gas, but the mileage is over 20% greater—do the math’
    ‘did closing thirty beds hurt emergency waiting times? You do the math!’
    • ‘Six kids, one bathroom—you do the math.’
    • ‘We got a couple hundred boxes per show, and we played 200 shows a year, so do the math!’
    • ‘The whole thing's smelly already, I think the people can do the math, don't you?’
    • ‘So do the math before committing your college savings to a plan that's going to fritter away your tax benefits.’
    • ‘Spooner did the math, figured he would lose money on anything more than 3 cents a click, and declined the offer.’
    • ‘Since the first film in this series was pretty bad, well, I think you can do the math.’
    • ‘If you do the math, you can see it was hardly risky at all.’
    • ‘I did the math on cable once when I moved, and figured I'd be paying about $10 a show, so I never bothered to get it hooked up.’
    • ‘Because we've done the math on this before, we'll leave it alone and assume that the president is counting on a huge surge in revenues.’
    • ‘Many companies pay lip service to the notion that employees are their most valuable assets, but few have actually done the math.’