Definition of do the trick in English:

do the trick


  • Achieve the required result.

    ‘a coat of paint might have done the trick, making things that bit more cheery’
    • ‘These young men may not be able to beat their opponents physically, but speed and craft does the trick in achieving results.’
    • ‘I've had back trouble and if I want to keep playing to the standard I need to take on a physio full time so this is doing the trick for me.’
    • ‘Since conventional medicine wasn't doing the trick, I decided to venture out into the world of ‘alternative.’’
    • ‘Those tax cuts are sure doing the trick, aren't they?’
    • ‘Nuanced arguments obviously are not doing the trick anymore in our media-saturated instant gratification culture.’
    • ‘As with any addiction the more one uses, the more one needs to get off, and my doing these inconspicuous plays was just not doing the trick.’
    • ‘Ah yes, it must be Labour's student loans policy that is doing the trick.’
    • ‘I saw my doctor on Wednesday and got tooled up with some antibiotics, which finally seem to be doing the trick.’
    • ‘Thankfully, a combination of resting the leg and a course of antibiotics seems to be doing the trick.’
    • ‘A chat and subsequent visit to the vets and he's now on medication which seems to be doing the trick.’
    be effective, work, solve the problem, take care of the problem, achieve the desired result, fill the bill, fit the bill
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