Definition of do things to in English:

do things to


  • Have a powerful emotional effect on.

    ‘it just does things to me when we kiss’
    • ‘Inspiring, amazing, and proving that in an age where film, TV, novels and the internet dominate, a truly magical piece of theatre can still do things to your feelings and emotions that no other media can.’
    • ‘In other words, pop is conceived of as an aesthetic object which is contemplated and ‘enjoyed’ by a transcendent subject, not as something which has effects on a body, which does things to you.’
    • ‘Apologies to my Portugese and Brazilian readers for confusing your beautiful language with the other one - it was the chocolate you know - it does things to my brain.’
    • ‘Maybe it's this country that does things to us.’
    • ‘It's an amazing thing to raise a child - it does things to you.’
    • ‘Unforunately, the bravado of temporary office sometimes does things to people.’