Definition of do up in English:

do up

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phrasal verb

  • 1do something up, do up somethingFasten something.

    ‘Kate did up her jacket’
    • ‘she drew on her coat and did up the buttons’
    fasten, tie, tie up, lace, knot, make a knot in, tie a bow in
    1. 1.1Be able to be fastened.
      • ‘his shirt was so tight that not all of the buttons did up’
  • 2do something up, do up somethingWrap or tie something up.

    ‘some packages are done up in velvet bows’
    • ‘She arrived one snowy day with a shapeless parcel done up in tissue-paper.’
    • ‘The shopkeeper did up the parcel, handed it me across the counter, took the half-dollar coin I gave him, and I left the shop.’
    • ‘She held out a brightly wrapped package done up with gold ribbon and a sparkling golden bow.’
    1. 2.1do something up, do up somethingArrange one's hair in a particular way, especially so as to be pulled back from one's face or shoulders.
      • ‘her dark hair was done up in a pony tail’
    2. 2.2do someone up, do up someoneDress someone up, especially in an elaborate or impressive way.
      ‘Agnes was all done up in a slinky black number’
      • ‘when I was in art school, I did myself up as Alice in Wonderland’
  • 3do something up, do up somethingBritish informal Renovate or redecorate a room or building.

    • ‘Mrs. Hamilton did the place up for letting’
    renovate, refurbish, refit, restore, redecorate, decorate, revamp, make over, modernize, improve, spruce up, smarten up, brighten up, prettify, enhance