Definition of do well out of in English:

do well out of


  • Make a profit out of; benefit from.

    ‘they're doing well out of scrap metal’
    • ‘You only have to look at the recent profit results of resources companies to realise Australia is doing well out of the commodities boom.’
    • ‘Even though we are, by any standards, doing well out of Europe, we have difficulty making the final commitment to the single currency, just as our nerve has failed at every stage in the evolution of post-war Europe.’
    • ‘The west Midlands campaign, limited so far to the Birmingham elite and chattering classes, has been partly fuelled by a sense that north Wales is doing well out of devolution.’
    • ‘They have an almost a-political attitude: providing they are doing well out of the economy they are not much interested in what is happening in politics.’
    • ‘Although Edinburgh and Glasgow continue to do well out of tourism, due partly to their good transport links and conference business, rural Scotland has suffered a big decline in the last two or three years.’
    • ‘Markets are seen as a very positive step in bringing people in, and I hope the traders and local shopkeepers do well out of it.’
    • ‘Pubs which opened early to serve drinks and breakfast to fans did well out of the World Cup.’
    • ‘Only the promoters, their advisers and the Queensland Government do well out of investment properties in the Deep North.’
    • ‘Major financial and commercial centres such as London and Amsterdam also did well out of long-distance trades.’
    • ‘The only people doing well out of such lawsuits are the lawyers.’