Definition of dobsonfly in English:


nounplural noun dobsonflies

  • A large gray North American winged insect related to the alderflies. Its predatory aquatic larva (the hellgrammite) is often used as fishing bait.

    Family Corydalidae, order Neuroptera: several genera and species, in particular Corydalus cornutus

    ‘Eastern dobsonflies live east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada.’
    • ‘Whereas, the aquatic immature spends several years in a stream, the adult dobsonfly lives only about 7 days.’
    • ‘Fishflies and dobsonflies are nocturnal, while alderflies are active during the day.’
    • ‘With the exception of the wetland species, dobsonflies are generally found in well-oxygenated lakes and streams.’
    • ‘The fierce-looking, winged dobsonfly has a life cycle that lasts two to five years.’



/ˈdäbsənˌflī/ /ˈdɑbsənˌflaɪ/


Early 20th century of unknown origin.