Definition of dockland in English:



mass nounBritish also docklands
  • The area containing a city's docks.

    ‘an old fishing village just west of dockland’
    ‘plans to redevelop London's docklands’
    • ‘It was evident that the German airmen had used the smouldering fires of Saturday's raids to guide them, for the attacks were directed at the same area - London's dockland.’
    • ‘Money is now more likely to go into quality office developments in the Dublin docklands and around the city quays over the next two to three years.’
    • ‘The authorities located the stadium in the city's docklands in an effort to revitalise Melbourne's failing west side.’
    • ‘It is the most ambitious single plan for the redevelopment of any part of the capital, and, if successfully implemented, will act as a link between the city centre and the docklands.’
    • ‘Construction here would include offices, retail and hotels with the objective of integrating the docklands with the city centre and extending its functions to the east.’
    • ‘The company are located in a busy area of Sligo docklands and were looking to carry out a number of changes to their warehouse premises.’
    • ‘The increase in available space was most pronounced in the docklands and the city.’
    • ‘This was an area of dockland, reclaimed and rejuvenated for the hosting of Expo 98, which has been retained as an area of visitor interest.’
    • ‘Construction work on a new office and residential development on South Bank Quay in the Dublin docklands has begun.’
    • ‘A cabal of developers and architect-engineers has produced a plan to redevelop the docklands on Istanbul's Asian shore.’
    • ‘In line with this urban regeneration, 16 km of depressed docklands have been turned into a trendy bar and club area.’
    • ‘More complications ensue for black sailor Johnny who finds love and heartache in London docklands.’
    • ‘Previously the highest number of inquiries for one of the firm's developments had been for the Plymouth docklands and on the day 3,000 people turned up.’
    • ‘We explored the bustling boardwalks of the restored historic dockland, watching boats come and go and keeping an eye out for fur seals.’
    • ‘The derelict wasteland that was the Dublin docklands was transformed into a recognisable city landscape of glass-fronted multi-storey buildings.’
    • ‘Many developers have overestimated the height and the density for which the city planners were willing to give permission in the docklands.’
    • ‘The leisure company is currently concentrating on the greater Dublin area and may look at opening a facility in the docklands.’
    • ‘Capital appreciation will be at its highest for apartments in the city centre and especially around the docklands.’
    • ‘The old docklands, a mile or so south of the city centre, have been transformed into the Cardiff Bay development.’
    • ‘With plans afoot to redevelop the docklands, the castle neatly bookends that aspiration.’