Definition of dockworker in English:



  • A person employed in a port to load and unload ships; a longshoreman.

    ‘most of the dockworkers were casual contractors’
    • ‘The order ended the management lockout of 10,500 dockworkers in 29 Pacific ports, but disappointed some local officials who said they felt an opportunity for a true settlement had been missed.’
    • ‘In polyglot Turkey, for the dockworkers in Salonika to function, they had to speak half a dozen languages.’
    • ‘Today dockworkers look with trepidation at the beginning of another era.’
    • ‘Ten thousand West Coast dockworkers can tell you how it feels when that happens.’
    • ‘In the meantime, dockworkers around the world had begun to mobilize in solidarity.’
    • ‘In 1997, in solidarity with striking dockworkers in Liverpool, longshore workers refused to cross a picket line to unload the ship.’
    • ‘First, the Liverpool dockworkers should not be seen as emblematic of a new form of labor internationalism.’
    • ‘The remaining 10,000 dockworkers will receive higher salaries and pensions - and they'll get to control the new technology.’
    • ‘Many Icelandic men took laboring jobs as unskilled factory workers and woodcutters, or as dockworkers in Milwaukee when they first arrived.’
    • ‘In fact, a study of dockworkers given only 100 mg of vitamin C a day found that they were 28 percent less likely to get sick with the flu.’
    • ‘The lockout of 11,000 dockworkers is blocking shipment of 80,000 metric tons of soybeans a day to Europe and other markets.’
    • ‘Southampton dock was positively buzzing, the mix of different accents and the curses of the dockworkers sounded like music to her delicate ears.’
    • ‘For a few years, the local labor movement as a whole was on fire: teamsters and dockworkers launched wildcat strikes in 1972.’
    • ‘This brilliant reverie was flawed only by the introduction of text, like subtitles, taken from interviews with dockworkers.’
    • ‘Each one was dressed in the heavy shirts and pants of the port dockworkers, but on their belts they all had long daggers stuck into thick leather sheaths.’
    • ‘Lacking the special wrenches required to remove the bolts that held the wings on, the dockworkers had employed cold chisels on the bolt heads.’
    • ‘Terminal operators said they didn't have enough dockworkers.’
    • ‘He claimed a strike would harm national security and threatened dockworkers with replacement by military personnel.’
    • ‘They watched as the sails were lowered, the lines tossed to dockworkers who tied bow, stern and spring lines to cleats lining the dock.’
    • ‘Most of the dockworkers laughed at the tall, gaunt looking peasant who was dirty and reeked of farm animals.’



/ˈdäkˌwərkər/ /ˈdɑkˌwərkər/