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  • The highest degree awarded by a graduate school or other approved educational organization.

    ‘a doctorate in Classics’
    • ‘He was awarded five honorary doctorates by universities, two in the US and three in Britain.’
    • ‘His most recent visit was last year, when he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of York.’
    • ‘In the following year he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Pisa.’
    • ‘As always, the report reviewed the overall trends in doctorates awarded at American universities across seven broad fields.’
    • ‘He was awarded doctorates from universities all around the world and received honoraria for numerous public speeches.’
    • ‘Earlier this year she was awarded a doctorate of letters from University of Limerick.’
    • ‘He will be joined by eight other people, ranging from academics to charity fundraisers, who will receive honorary doctorates from the university.’
    • ‘She was awarded a fellowship to study for her doctorate at Cornell University.’
    • ‘Sociology has the lowest percentage of faculty earning doctorates from the top PhD programs.’
    • ‘Both hold doctorates from English universities.’
    • ‘The main point here is that the majority of universities offering creative writing doctorates have not yet fully published their examination criteria.’
    • ‘Graz was the first ever university to give a doctorate in technical sciences.’
    • ‘In 1914 Krylov was awarded a doctorate in applied mathematics from Moscow University.’
    • ‘His degree, a doctorate in audiology from a Florida university, followed two years of part time study.’
    • ‘These were public employees who were expected to hold degrees or doctorates in administration or jurisprudence.’
    • ‘Rudin has received many honours for her work, including at least four honorary doctorates, and will continue to receive further awards.’
    • ‘He worked under Menger's supervision on geometry and was awarded his doctorate in 1931.’
    • ‘To this he added a clinical medical degree and a doctorate in neuroscience.’
    • ‘The thesis was published at Jena in the same year that he was awarded his doctorate.’



/ˈdäkt(ə)rət/ /ˈdɑkt(ə)rət/


Mid 17th century from medieval Latin doctoratus ‘made a doctor’.