Definition of docu in English:



  • short for documentary (noun)

    ‘a well-researched and in-depth docu’
    short for documentary (noun)
    ‘docus are our last truly independent movie art form’
    • ‘Jodie stressed that the docu isn't designed to promote surgery as a quick fix, but she does support the ethos that we are free to change ourselves if unhappy.’
    • ‘The docu, filmed by videographer Robin Piree, premieres on 17 October in Amsterdam.’
    • ‘In television, Scott Free has tackled a range of projects from historical docus to big-budget costume dramas.’
    • ‘The docu opens with a montage of workers singing about separation, set against a mind-boggling skyline of luxury buildings that they helped construct but could never dream of entering.’
    • ‘The 1995 docu "Orson Welles: The One Man Band" spends an hour and a half profiling the director in his final years.’
    • ‘The much-anticipated docu opens Oct. 24, after fest screenings in New York and London.’
    • ‘Tantalizing glimpses of thousands of his drawings, and delightful clips from his films, should help to make his work better known abroad, and the docu makes good use of the wealth of material.’
    • ‘Pulling from his father's audiotaped journals and exclusive archives, Holiff's docu provides an intimate look at Cash in the 60s and 70s.’
    • ‘This year marks the first in MIFF's history that the opening and closing pics are both docus.’
    • ‘Occasionally the docu tries too hard to capture a kind of poetic lyricism via moody, often unnecessary underwater shots and such.’