Definition of document type definition in English:

document type definition

(also DTD)


  • A template that sets out the format and tag structure of an XML- or SGML-compliant document.

    • ‘A validating parser scans the XML file and determines if the document is well formed, as specified by either an XML schema or the document type definition.’
    • ‘Specifically, it can validate XML data against a document type definition, an XML schema definition language schema, or an XML Data Reduced schema.’
    • ‘Then, a document type definition can be written calling on any of the existing modules as needed.’
    • ‘To that end, we have previously developed an extensible markup language document type definition, which supports the creation of electronic procedure files in an NCCLS-compatible format.’
    • ‘The fact remains that since it is extensible, XML comes in many flavors, often differentiated from each other by document type definitions, also called DTDs.’