Definition of documentalist in English:



  • A person engaged in keeping records and providing information.

    ‘the official documentalist of the British Olympic team’
    • ‘The relevance rankings of the journals varied among the different occupational groups (scientists vs. practitioners, librarians vs. documentalists).’
    • ‘Some trace this to the European documentalists of the late 19th and early 20th century, who had social and cultural goals in gathering and organizing representations of knowledge.’
    • ‘As one of the people interviewed put it, the documentalists are at the centre of the information revolution.’
    • ‘Traditional librarians and documentalists will certainly have a pilot role to play in sorting out this chaos.’
    • ‘These materials are meant to simply be guidelines for these documentalists, not complete education kits.’
    • ‘A training workshop for researchers and documentalists was held for the first time in Gaborone in June 1997.’
    • ‘The reality is that the number of health staff themselves is often inadequate - a documentalist would be a luxury.’
    • ‘The producer or documentalist can query by text, as usual, and by visual example, using stills or video sequences.’
    • ‘The European documentalists of the 1930s, who had written mainly in French and German, were largely forgotten.’
    • ‘One of the tasks proposed for the centre was to host and facilitate a workshop for documentalists on the continent.’
    • ‘The remaining part is being treated and only accessible after consultation with the documentalist.’
    • ‘Librarians and documentalists are already in the forefront of change.’
    • ‘During the early 1900s the documentalists felt a need for a general term, which could describe the content of the documenting activity.’
    • ‘This code seeks to express the basic responsibilities of the documentalist to his profession, to those with whom or for whom he works and to the public at large.’
    • ‘The satisfaction that comes to the user from the documentalist is the satisfaction of being able to do things with documents in all available media and genres.’
    • ‘This consideration could serve as an example of combining the requirements of the documentalist with those of the researcher in the field of metallurgy.’
    • ‘In November l986, a national meeting was held for agricultural librarians and documentalists.’
    • ‘I am a librarian, documentalist and archivist.’
    • ‘Much attention is given to the documentalist's methods and instruments (most of which are borrowed from old techniques developed by similar professionals e.g., librarians).’