Definition of docuseries in English:


nounplural noun docuseries

  • A television series that follows a particular person or group of people and their involvement in real events and situations over a period of time.

    ‘a docuseries about the New York City Ballet’
    • ‘a four-part docuseries chronicling his participation in France's legendary 24-hour race, Le Mans’
    • ‘Just days ahead of the debut of her own docuseries, the actress has a guest-starring stint on the sitcom 2 Broke Girls.’
    • ‘She has recently been working on a docuseries which will start airing on Sunday.’
    • ‘Horseplayers, a docuseries that takes place in the high-stakes world of professional horse race handicapping, will premiere this year.’
    • ‘The block includes talk shows, stand-up and sketch comedy and docuseries.’
    • ‘He's not worried that fans will accuse him of selling out, now that he's made a docuseries for HBO.’
    • ‘The cable network has ordered a pilot for a docuseries starring the staff of a Dallas-based funeral home.’
    • ‘The interview aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network, which will spotlight Lohan next year in an eight-part docuseries based on her life.’
    • ‘BBC America, home to Doctor Who and more, will continue on its sci-fi bender with a docuseries exploring the genre.’
    • ‘Upcoming docuseries include Cold Justice and Save Our Business as the network attempts to build a year-round lineup of original programming.’



/ˈdäkyo͞oˌsirēz/ /ˈdɑkjuˌsɪriz/


1980s from docu- + series.